An Original Web Series!

    Follow John Bob and his best friend, Rudy, as they discover amazing worlds, meet new friends, battle powerful enemies, and save the world maybe once or twice! Then get a taco.

   It's never a boring day in Jubble City. So snuggle up with with your favorite pet dog/butt-thing, sit back, and get ready for an                        adventure of legendary                               proportions!

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Close Encounters

  My latest installment of the series is also the longest! I've been able to work on this despite college bogging me down and I'm excited to share it with ya. 

   John meets an extra-terrestrial traveler ushering the destruction of the planet! Can he teach it how to be a good person before the police capture him first?

New Episodes

      The series is back and ready for business! More episodes and stories are planned and are on their way. Be prepared for laughs, fun, terror, disgust, and excitement! I'm working as fast as I can, but be patient! Animation isn't an overnight endeavor!

      Making animations means I need an audience. Maybe you can tell a few of your friends about my cartoons, maybe share one of my videos or shoot them a link to my website. It'd mean a lot to me if you did. Thanks to all my followers and fans out there who are excited for my next video!

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